As a full service Web Development shop, at CodeBrick we provide a range of services to help your business keep its websites tuned and performing at their best.

So you think you have a challenging web project to drop off on our doorstep? No sweat. We love a challenge. And the odds are we've already been there and got the t-shirt.

Whether you're starting a new project and need help from the outset, or are in need of a technical partner to step in and take over management of an existing site, you're at the right place. Our technical experience spans a wide variety of competencies—and that's a good thing because the web is a very interdisciplinary place. The short of it is, whatever help you need with your website, we've probably seen it before and can help.

The variety of services we offer includes website production, search engine optimization, website maintenance, custom web application development, and technical consulting. Beyond being programmers, part of our core competency is in providing custom technical solutions for specific business situations. This includes a discovery process to assess and document the business needs and processes, followed up with the actual design and build of a custom web application.